Häfele Hands Free


At Häfele, we know the world is changing. Our Häfele Hands Free package brings together a number of products and services to help minimise touchpoints, support health and safety requirements, and improve experiences for users of buildings such as hotels, restaurants, offices and other shared facilities.




Front and centre of the programme is Dialock, our advanced door and furniture locking system. Designed and engineered by Häfele, Dialock uses electronic keys, terminals and programming units to allow authorised access to buildings, rooms, furniture and more. 

Other features include:

  • Compatible with smartphone apps
  • Can enable access to rooms or furniture with one swipe
  • Can be used to book rooms, purchase goods, check in and more​​​​​​​

To further minimise touchpoints and eliminate the need to touch handles, Dialock can also integrate with automatic swing and sliding doors, including our own Slido system. You can also introduce flow sensors into your design and automatically programme the system to limit the number of people in spaces.



Häfele hands free services

To guide architects, specifiers, contractors, installers and end-users through the whole process of reconfiguring their spaces with Dialock and sliding door gear, with health and safety as a key objective, our range of services can help. See how we can help you improve the use and functions of different buildings, while meeting new requirements and customer expectations quickly and easily.

Specifications services

Submit your brief and reconfiguration plans and we’ll advise you on the best solution to meet your bespoke requirements.

Dialock training

Train your employees to programme the system and the Häfele app so they can control individual access to rooms and areas.

Dialock Assist Maintenance 

Our Dialock Assist Maintenance programme offers a dedicated, bespoke back-up system that includes technical help and support, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and service visits.

We’re here to listen to the challenges you face and tailor our services to help you today, and well into the future. If you have any questions, contact the Häfele Project Team on 0800 171 2907 or at estimating@hafele.co.uk