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Sliding and folding door gear and kits

We’re proud to offer a large range of high-quality folding and sliding door gear kits to suit every application, as well as the Sliding Specification Service for your bespoke needs and cut-to-length tracks.

Whether you are looking to integrate folding or sliding door gear as an entry system, to bring flexibility to a living space, for wardrobes, cabinets or doorways, or to bring connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, you’re in safe hands with Häfele. With over 40 years’ experience in the UK, and nearly 100 globally, our experts know sliding door parts inside out and work with leading brands in the industry to bring you sliding and folding door gear you can rely on, as well as deliver service you can rely on. If you are looking for sliding door solutions for commercial projects, speak to our Projects 360 team.

Ranging from traditional folding or sliding door kits, to more advanced solutions such as e-drive wardrobes or pocket doors, these space-saving solutions are ideal for creating seamless finishes in residential or commercial properties

​​​​​​​We’ve changed the name of the products within our Häfele Manufactured range of sliding door gear, Slido. The new names will help you to identify the best system for your desired application. As you browse through our range you will see that names like Slido Classic and Slido Design are no longer being used. Instead we have introduced SLIDO Room, SLIDO Furniture, SLIDO Door and SLIDO Wall. However please be assured that the products specifications remain exactly the same and in some cases we have improved performance on the running gear and soft close.  You will still be able to search for them using the old name.

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If you need help, the Sliding Specification Service is a great starting point. Our team will discuss your sliding needs with you and send you a bespoke sliding door gear plan, including a priced quote of all your sliding door parts, or folding door parts. We can then cut your tracks to order and deliver them to you on-site, through Häfele to Order.

Sliding Specification Service

Quality you can rely on

Engineered by Häfele, Slido is at the forefront of sliding technology. Our own-house range has been developed by experts to meet global trends and is covered by the Häfele Lifetime Guarantee. Slido offers a comprehensive range of sliding and folding door gear options, for domestic or commercial application. With an innovative modular system at it’s core, the range also offers maximum flexibility.


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If you need help, the Sliding Door Gear service is a great starting point. However, if you just want to ask an expert for advice, just contact our Technical Support team on 0800 171 2908, live chat or We also have a Sliding Door Technical FAQs section for you to use. Common questions that are answered here include whether our sliding door systems are fire rated, when you should use bottom rolling gear instead of top hung sliding gear, and what maintenance is required for sliding door gear.

Sliding door kit guides

These sliding and folding door gear guides may be useful if you know which application you are looking for, but unsure of which sliding door kits to order. Take a look at our guides or contact us for help.

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