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Inclusive Living by Häfele 

The term ‘inclusive’ has evolved significantly since Häfele began helping people make the most of their home environment 100 years ago. The understanding that people themselves are not disabled, but that environments are disabling, has changed the focus to design that creates accessibility for all. This means that no longer is the focus solely on wheelchair users, but incorporates design to support those with visual, sensory, motor, neurological or cognitive impairments for example, as well as supporting future-proofing of environments that can maximise independent activity in the long-term.

Therefore, it is not often that a ‘one size fits all’ design will facilitate a truly inclusive design package. It is important to understand the customer, their specific design needs and how they engage in activity. Häfele’s Inclusive Living range brings together a collection of high-quality products and components that support this inclusive value, from height adjusting and space generating, through to creation of colour contrast and task lighting packages.

Häfele also understands the importance of aesthetics, with customers wanting design options that suit their personal choice and personality rather than clinical and sterile, therefore the collection delivers products that are stylish, whilst meeting the needs of the individual and the environment in which they live, work, or engage in.


Inclusive Kitchens

The kitchen is a space regularly referred to as the ‘hub of the home’, yet so often overlooked from a design perspective. Kitchens should be stylish yet functional and truly accessible for all.

Consider task lighting, for those with a visual impairment, taking note of the distance between object and light, as halving the distance increases visual sharpness by three times.

For future proofing, or for someone with dementia or confusion/ disorientation, consider the use of colour, with particular reference to colour contrast and the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) differences to create clear distinctions between spaces and in particular the room boundaries.

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The Worktop Reaches New Heights

ROPOX worktop frames

Having the worktop adjusted to the perfect height, makes a big difference for each activity. Different heights are required to knead dough, stir pots, chop vegetables or wash up.

It’s a huge advantage to be able to adjust the worktop height – whether standing or seated, promoting self-sufficiency and optimal working conditions in the kitchen. What’s more, our solutions offer seated users more leg space and the freedom to move around with ease.

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Featured Brands

LOOX LED Lighting

Lighting made easy

Lighting can be used to effectively impact or reflect the mood or aesthetic of a particular space but is also crucial as part of inclusive or accessible design. Task lighting, and how a space is illuminated can make such a difference to the user and can support with making the difference between disability or independence, so whether using Häfele strip lighting, spot lighting or pendant lighting, as well as the luminescence, consider the impact on visual acuity, shadowing, and reflection, as well as the overall appearance.

Loox lighting is an incredibly simple, modular plug-and-play system that makes it easier than ever to integrate LED lighting into any design. Consider combining with both our Häfele to Order service where we will we’ll cut, assemble, test, pack and ship your desired lighting strip size and profile to size, or our Lighting Design Service where our team will create a bespoke lighting layout, product list and priced quote on your behalf, all free of charge

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Matrix by Hafele

Versitle and Universal

With a premium full extension runner at the heart of the system, the Matrix drawer range offers elegant movement and smooth operation.

Covered by the Häfele Lifetime Guarantee of up to 25 years, Matrix is built to last, so you can have confidence in the quality of every single drawer box.

With three box systems, you’re sure to find the solution for your design and you can even save time with the range of preassembled options - just add a drawer front

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Decorative Handles

Decorative Handles

Häfele offer a wide range of handles, knobs, and profile systems to meet all design, aesthetic, and functional needs. It is important to consider the customer’s needs, how they access fixtures such as cupboards or appliances and whether they have any fine motor difficulties which mean they their grip, or grip strength is limited.

Although appearance is important, not considering the personal, client-centred needs renders the space inaccessible and unfit for purpose.

Häfele’s range facilitates inclusive design and empowers users to remain active and independent, whilst still keeping your cabinets looking beautiful.

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Sliding & Folding Door solutions

Traditional hung doors can sometimes be difficult to manoeuvre through, especially for wheelchair users, due to the back and forth movement required to open. Sliding doors can help to eliminate this challenge by sliding to create a completely clear opening – allowing for quick and easy access from room to room.

In addition to this, sliding and pocket door systems take up around 1270 mm less operating space per door and so can create more usable space as well as an unobstructed entrance. Upgrading to an automated sliding door system can also offer many benefits for access with doors opening at the push of a button, remote control or motion sensor.

When specifying any sliding doors always be aware of where the track sits as this can create a threshold that may be difficult to pass over or be a potential trip hazard. Opting for a top track may eliminate this issue.

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Worktops & Splashbacks

Worktops & Splashbacks

Contrast the worktops with cabinet doors and handles to enable people to locate themselves within their surroundings and avoid accidental injury from edges

Keep this in mind when selecting doors, worktops, floor and wall colourings as it can help to ease navigation further by having a high contrast. Bear in mind that as we age, people experience colour in a more washed-out perspective and find blues, greens and purples harder to identify

Remember lighting can play an important role in how different colours and combinations of colours are seen and experienced so keep this in mind as you design

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Sinks and Taps

Sinks & Taps

Accessible functionality

Whether you are looking for a classic ceramic or functional stainless steel sink, we have something stunning to suit your latest kitchen design, then compliment it with one of our kitchen taps. We have a wide range including mixer taps, single levers, pull out sprayers, hot and filtered water taps.

Always consider assessing the needs of the individual often in the context of a multiuser family home when choosing a tap to suit everyone’s needs, for example a hot tap makes it easier and safer to make a hot drink and ready to drink filtered water make keeping refreshed an easy task.

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100 YEARS of service

100 Years of Service

Service and how we innovate through it has always been the key to our success over the past 100 years, from the realisation of an idea of providing “Products for the hardware and tool industry”, state of the art warehousing and distribution, our first catalogue in 1943, the pioneering exhibition bus in the mid 60s, product development and manufacturing to meet the needs of the continuously changing manufacturing industry, opening in markets across the globe to offer our services worldwide.

We have been there for our customers ensuring we are always thinking ahead and will continue to support by innovating so that we remain the ideal partner for our customers.


Courage and Optimism

1923. The year of hyperinflation in Germany. Which meant that you needed to be prepared to take risks in order to establish a start-up. Adolf Häfele was willing to risk it – for he was convinced that his business idea would be successful.