Drill Guide, Häfele Red Jig, for Maxifix Cabinet Connector

For precise drilling for the Maxifix system

Art. no. 001.25.894

  • Häfele Red Jig Application example
  • Häfele Red Jig Drilling jig


    Basic set

    Supplementary to Minifix 12

    Supplementary to Minifix 15

    Supplementary to Rafix 20

    Supplementary to Tab 18

    Supplementary to Maxifix

    Supplementary to

    concealed hinge 45/9.5

    concealed hinge 48/6

    concealed hinge 52/5.5


    Application of concealed hinge

    Drilling pattern for concealed hinge

    Drilling on flat surface


    Application of Häfele Minifix cabinet and shelf connector

    Häfele Minifix drilling pattern

    Front edge drill hole

    Drilling on flat surface


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    For precise drilling for the Maxifix system

    Art. no. 001.25.894

    Art. no. 001.25.894


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    Drill Guide, Häfele Red Jig, for Maxifix Cabinet Connector

    Red Jig drilling jig supplement, For precise drilling for the Maxifix system

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    Häfele Red Jig supplement for Maxifix
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    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 Maxifix drill guide,


       tightening distance adjustable from 55 to 35 mm

    1 Depth gauge 48


       with depth gauge, stop ring, spiral spring

       with HM multi-spur drill bit, Ø 35 mm, RI


    1 drilling sleeve 10 mm


    Order reference

    If no basic components of the Häfele Red Jig drilling jig are at hand, the basic jig with Cat. No.: 001.25.600 must also be ordered.

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